How God Wants Us To Worship Him -

why does god demand seek or request that we worship him - god expects us to worship him as an expression of reverence and thanksgiving to him but god also expects us to be obedient to him he wants not only for us to love him he wants us to act justly toward each other to show love and compassion to others, why should god require us to worship him - worshiping god puts us into the proper relationship with him in the sense that we are acknowledging that he is god and deserves worship and doing what he wants us to do being completely right with god requires more than worship see the four spiritual laws, how god wants us to worship him joe morecraft iii - he wants us to worship him his way and not our way despite the sincerity of our actions the book begins with an honest and refreshing look at the sons of aaron and how they added to the worship of god and received severe judgement dr morecraft skillfully draws our attention to the act of disobedience, god doesn t need our worship so why does he command us to - our worship and thanks add nothing to god but increase our enjoyment of him isn t god good he wants nothing but our ever increasing joy and delight in glory so he gives us worship not because he needs it but that we might have more and more pleasure in him, why does god want us to praise and worship him united - why does god want us to praise worship him scripture is full of examples of praise and worship toward our father and creator we also have explicit instruction that we should offer praise nd worship toward god, why would god want us to praise him stand to reason - since god wants us to do right and good things of course he wants us to praise and worship him beyond the praise being right and good and because of its being right and good worshiping god also brings us joy and enhances our relationship with him