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hp 33s scientific calculator user s manual - contents 1 file name 33s english manual 040130 publication edition 2 doc page 388 printed date 2004 1 30 size 13 7 x 21 2 cm, hp 12c financial calculator hp com - 4 introduction file name hp 12c user s guide english hdpmbf12e44 page 4 of 209 printered date 2005 7 29 dimension 14 8 cm x 21 cm z the various appendices describe additional details of calculator operation as well as warranty and service information, vintage electronic calculator manuals wass - this is a calculator manual collection for pre lcd electronic calculators hp and ti calculators are specifically excluded from this site because, hp 65 the museum of hp calculators - hp 65 the hp 65 was a stunning calculator just 18 months after introducing the first pocket calculator with transcendental functions hp introduced a pocket calculator that was programmable with a magnetic card reader writer, review hp 35s programmable scientific calculator - the hp 35s is hewlett packard s newest 2007 member of their family of non graphing programmable scientific calculators and is the first in a long time that looks and feels like an hp calculator should, an alternative hp 42s free42 manual thomasokken - 1 introduction since hp 42s was a very nice calculator and its official manual is no longer freely available and there were many people looking for its manual seemed good to me to write my own hp 42s manual, free42 an hp 42s calculator simulator - documentation there is no manual for free42 per se but since it is an accurate simulation of the hp 42s the original hp 42s manual should be adequate for most purposes, hp 16c the museum of hp calculators - hp 16c the hp 16c was hp s first and so far only programmer s calculator numbers and bases the hp 16c could display numbers in hexadecimal decimal octal and binary formats using a standard 7 segment display, a matrix multi tool for the hp 35s programmable calculator - this is my second attempt at a large program for the new hp 35s programmable scientific calculator from hewlett packard my previous program addressed the curve fitting shortcomings of the 35s compared to the hp 41c cv cx with advantage pac or the hp 42s this program is a start at doing the same for matrix functionality