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creating value with big data analytics peter verhoef - creating value with big data analytics peter verhoef edwin kooge natasha walk on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers our newly digital world is generating an almost unimaginable amount of data about all of us such a vast amount of data is useless without plans and strategies that are designed to cope with its size and complexity, dashboarding data visualization tools google data studio - analytics analytics 360 use advanced tools to get a deeper understanding of your customers so you can deliver better experiences data studio unlock insights from your data with engaging customizable reports, informationweek serving the information needs of the - if you found this interesting or useful please use the links to the services below to share it with other readers you will need a free account with each service to share an item via that service, analytics tools solutions for your business google - analytics analytics 360 use advanced tools to get a deeper understanding of your customers so you can deliver better experiences data studio unlock insights from your data with engaging customizable reports, be real world smart a beginner s advanced analytics guide - joshua that is a very clever use of event tracking thank you for sharing the detail and inspiring other readers of the blog as well content grouping is hand crafted in this case jump to the admin section of ga to create your own content groupings in the case of the store account brands product categories and clothing by gender are all content groups created by the analyst, kpi examples get 200 stunning kpi templates for every - a kpi or key performance indicator is a measurement that evaluates the performance of a business activity it measures the success of a company at reaching its operational and strategic goals on different performance aspects kpis can be high level monitoring the global performance of a business or more low level focusing on processes or individual s performance, history of the urban dashboard places journal - mission control center houston 1965 we know what rocket science looks like in the movies a windowless bunker filled with blinking consoles swivel chairs and shirt sleeved men in headsets nonchalantly relaying updates from houston to outer space, amazon com learning tableau 10 business intelligence and - joshua n milligan has been with teknion data solutions since 2004 and currently serves as a principal consultant with a strong background in software development and custom net solutions he brings a blend of analytical and creative thinking to bi solutions data visualization and data storytelling, the perfect sales dashboard should have salesforce com - a dashboard such as the one in a car is where you can quickly and easily see vital signs that affect your current task similarly a dashboard for your sales platform provides important information at a glance it keeps you aware of necessary metrics and performance standards, ai one sdks for building machine learning applications - as you know artificial intelligence or ai has been a part of our world at ai one since our founding in 2003 don t be confused by the latest buzzwords deep learning machine learning artificial intelligence and biologically inspired intelligence our nathan are all part of the field of a i, business intelligence bi software solutions from einstein - customer service analytics service analytics gives you complete insight into your customers and total control over your business roi reporting see the number of opportunities tied to campaigns campaign roi and more using pardot and salesforce bi software bi software from salesforce lets you explore any data get instant answers and collaborate with your team, the 5 pillars of strategy execution smarter with gartner - about gartner gartner is the world s leading research and advisory company we equip business leaders across all major functions in every industry and enterprise size with the insights advice and tools to achieve their mission critical priorities and build the successful organizations of tomorrow, 10 bi tools for data visualization cio - 10 bi tools for data visualization visual analytics is the core of business intelligence here are the tools you need to see through the data, cloud cloud platform paas iaas oracle - oracle makes intelligence available to everyone with oracle cloud platform you ll quickly realize the value of emerging technologies including ai machine learning natural language chatbots blockchain and internet of things iot, pharma 3d rewriting the script for marketing in the - patients and physicians and the rest of the world have embraced digital tools for learning and connecting with one another the pharmaceutical industry s commercial and marketing strategies need to follow, five strategies for slaying the data puking dragon - if you bring sharp focus you increase chances of attention being diverted to the right places that in turn will drive smarter questions which will elicit thoughtful answers from available data, microchannel business marketing technology software - welcome to microchannel microchannel is the leading business software technology provider in australia with 1400 customers we provide erp crm warehouse retail it managed services and marketing tech solutions