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user manual to squeezebox duet controller - the manual i linked to is if i remember correctly included in printed form in the duet retail package and maybe as a pdf on the cd there is a section called squeezebox controller interface that briefly explains the different controls, logitech squeezebox duet user manual pdf download - squeezebox duet user guide connect squeezebox duet this step will connect squeezebox controller and receiver to your local network and allow you to select your music source there are three sections each detailing the steps for the different network configurations described in the section titled choose your network setup, logitech user s guide squeezebox duet - 4 english logitech squeezebox duet package contents logitech squeezebox duet controller logitech squeezebox duet receiver with ac adapter charging, squeezebox controller logitech support - register your product to get the best customer care product tips and more, logitech squeezebox duet user manual pdf download - these instructions tell you how to in the squeezebox duet user guide connect the controller to your computer network using the network name ssid and security key you on the controller s lcd your are asked to select a music source, logitech duet user manual manualmachine com - view and download logitech duet instruction manual online user guides and service manuals once squeezebox controller has successfully connected to your network you ll be able to set up your squeezebox receiver 1 select your squeezebox receiver from the list it will appear on the display as squeezebox xxxxxx where xxxxxx is the, logitech squeezebox controller app squeezeboxwiki - the logitech squeezebox controller app squeezebox controller app is a free smartphone tablet app to control your squeezeboxes not to be confused with the squeezebox controller which is a hardware product it is one of several remote control apps for android, logitech squeezebox duet user s manual manualagent com - squeezebox duet user guide 7 set up the hardware charge the battery for this step you ll need squeezebox controller charging cradle with ac adapter, home welcome to mysqueezebox com - download logitech media server software today and start listening to your personal music collection on a squeezebox in any room in your home tips tricks support find answers to frequently asked questions download documentation for your squeezebox players and more, squeezebox duet logitech support - register your product to get the best customer care product tips and more, buy squeeze control microsoft store - this app controls squeezebox players connected to a logitech media server squeezebox server or mysqueezebox com including the server in the squeezebox touch replicates almost every function of a squeezebox controller with an interface optimize for a touch screen and mouse control